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Open Book Design LLC
Open Book Design LLC
Open Book Design LLC

Big 5 Publisher Quality Book Design

The Book Cover Whisperer is an independent author and book publisher’s best friend. Design ethos: visually stunning covers and interiors your readers will love that meets your budget. Researched, quality production. Unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied. Self-publishing made easy!

Book Cover Design by Open Book Design
Book Cover Design by Open Book Design

Covers or Complete Book Design

We work with authors, small to large publishers, and businesses.

Save When You Bundle

Offering print interior design and eBook design.

No Production Worries

Unlimited layout/text revisions on your custom prepress design.

Christine Horner

With 25+ years design experience: “Please be sure to review my book cover gallery to appreciate the professional artistry that goes into every cover. My gift is that I intuitively design covers that make an emotional impact on my clients and their readers. Clients say, ‘I never would have thought of that! I love it!’ I often pass out virtual tissues. I would love to work with you and your unique story!”

Cover Consideration

A Magical Balancing Act

Open Book Design turns a blank canvas into your gorgeous custom cover that is researched, visually balanced, appealing to readers, and meets your printing company’s exact specifications. Optimize your book’s sale potential!

Book Title

A book’s cover should visually connect with the title. Do your title and cover stand out?

Time Period & Setting

Period clothing or settings not always available, there are many ways to convey era.


Have an idea? Years of experience allow for immediate feedback to your ideas.

Open Book Design LLC


We’ve got your genre covered. We can even make technical books visually appealing.

Image Selection

It’s critical to use quality images that are suitable in the overall design and for print.

Trust the Whisperer

The work is guaranteed. Need we say more? Get started today!