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How do you go about designing so many gorgeous covers?

Lots of experience! Most authors (and my regular publishers) provide me with the blurb and let me run with my ideas as my design and marketing experience exceed anything they might suggest. Open Book Design offers complex stock image cover design. D-I-Y single-image covers or hiring services that pay a corral of designers bare bones or use cover contests will generate amateur covers that can be spotted a mile away. Your readers won’t be fooled.

After carefully considering genre, time period, your synopsis, and any style request, extensive research begins. It takes the expert blending of resources, artistry, fonts, and colors to create an overall “feeling.” The goal is a stunning cover your readers would stop to check out on any Barnes & Noble display table. All that said, your collaboration and images are most welcome. I also occasionally work with digital illustrators if you need custom characters / illustrations. Your cover will be optimized to appeal to the widest audience and generate the most sales.

I know you're the Book Cover Whisperer but is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes! you receive unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied or we’ll refund your money. Terms and Conditions.

Once we review the overall design concept whispered just for you based on your book brief, you provide me with feedback. Sometimes images need to be changed. i.e. A client requested snow in the foreground to lend a colder feel to the overall tone of the cover. This meant Russia’s Red Square had to go from a summer to winter requiring a different photo. We may change fonts or color tonality. I want you so excited about your new cover, you’re doing the happy dance and 100% satisfied. After the design concept is approved, you receive unlimited layout, text, and page count changes as the book goes into final production.

Do I need to credit your cover/interior design inside my book?

Yes, it would be appreciated! Like this: Book Cover/Interior Design by the Book Cover Whisperer:

May I provide my own art and photography for you to use?

Yes, as long as you own the images! Please allow me to advise you on any any photos submitted for your cover design at no additional cost. As authors and publishers are not professional designers, many times quality is an issue which will lead to less than optimal results. I research the highest quality and most appropriate images for your project and purchase the license. Image perspective and cropping is important. Images must harmonize with other art and elements. Providing your own images tends to work best with nonfiction or memoirs, however, I’ve fairly pulled off a few miracles in my design career. Images must be large files at 300dpi for print. Additionally, author sometimes ask for discounts if they provide any artwork for the cover. Due to the above considerations, no discounts are provided as I will spend just as much if not more time trying to make your art work.

How many initial concepts do I receive?

Up to two. The initial concept is researched and submitted to the author. The initial concept presented is the most highly recommended. Most clients are stunned by the beautiful design as they “never would have thought of that.” You then have unlimited changes to perfect the design based on feedback. In the instance a concept cannot be made satisfactory though modifications, a second concept is developed based on your feedback. Additional concepts are available at a higher price point. This is rare. If the second concept doesn’t resonate, it means the author needs to do a little research and become clear on cover preferences/communication.

How are you able to provide discounted quality design AND free publishing consulting?

I’m happy to answer your questions about the publishing process and make recommendations at no additional charge whereas other designers charge for the enhanced service. Free publishing consulting is internet based via email. Telephone or Zoom consultations and coaching are available for a fee. This allows me to keep design prices as low as possible to give authors on a budget access to design work my peers charge thousands for.

How does your two-payment plan work?

Prolific low-quality covers are a stumbling block impeding independent author and small publisher success in today’s competitive marketplace. The two-payment option is not an extension of credit. It’s designed to make you feel more comfortable about plunking down your hard-earned money on a cover design you’ve not yet seen. A minimum of half down allows your project to be placed on the work calendar. BCW Terms and Conditions state once you are have approved the design concept presented to you, the remaining balance is due. Final payment extensions will not be granted for production delays such as editing or waiting on review blurbs. Your files are held in safekeeping while you collect the finished elements of your book after design approval is given until you are ready. Of course, we offer an incentive savings of $25 to make full payment at time of purchase.

What additional expenses do I need to know about?

Cover Design concepts over the first two
Additional formats i.e. hardcover, audiobook, duplex cover, dust jacket + casebound
Additional vendor files i.e. IngramSpark + Amazon + Audible
Custom characters or scenes that require a digital illustrator
Custom vector file design/conversion
Post-production file changes/corrections/review additions
Author interior text copy/editing after design initiated
Special-formatted fixed layout eBook in addition to standard ePub file
Telephone/Zoom-based publishing coaching and consulting

Is it really that easy? What else do I need to do?
  • First, peruse the book covers above and elsewhere to decide your preferred style.
  • Please click Get Started and fill out the confidential, no-obligation Book Brief.
  • I’ll be in touch to say hello and introduce myself.
  • Provide as many specifics as you can, like book cover dimensions, printing requirements and the information that needs to go on the front and back covers of your book. For the front cover this usually includes: title, author’s name, subtitle, tagline, imagery and a quote. For the back cover you may need an ISBN number, blurb, author’s biography and a quote.

I form long-term relationships with most of my clients as they come back for additional services and to share exciting book news!