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Mermaids’ Lament: Undercurrents

by Catherine Becker

Hi, Catherine,
I looked at hundreds of photos and played with several. Nothing blended in or looked as good as what we’ve got going. The solution is to simply make the bottom murky which works perfectly with the word Lament. I can make it murkier if you like. The cover was just too busy, plus you wanted to add more. I found a way to add more via texture. The ferns would have been too much. Please scroll down for more design analysis and the entire cover.

Design Analysis

The colors are more adult and are very beautiful. The title will be easily seen even in thumbnail size. We hint with the tail but keep the color tasteful. Just a splash of bokeh and sparkle. Please scroll down for the enlarged cover view in full.

Please Note: Any imperfections will be corrected upon design approval. Colors will render according to individual computer monitor settings. Print and digital are two different mediums. Please order a hard copy from the printer to review for color/tone adjustments. For example, gloss covers tend to print darker than matte.

Cover Front/Back

Cover in full. Please take your time reviewing your cover. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge.)

Please let me know how close we are to your happy dance by replying to with your edits, comments and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,