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The Long Way Around

by Jim Morse

Hi, Jim & Martha,
I hit all of the airport bookstores when I travel as they only stock the biggest sellers and your cover would fit right in! The font is metaphoric for the boy’s age, personal struggle, “simpler” times… I really recommend using A boy becomes a man text as teaser not and not subtitle which a big publisher would do. We have a dynamic cover with teaser text that pulls together the cover imagery with the back blurb.  Please scroll down for more design analysis and full cover images.

Design Analysis

The brake lights make the imagery dynamic along with a stormy sky and rain drops. We see the bridge is key in the story and the car is “people” without seeing them. Lends to a more mysterious vibe. We get the bridge and car are part of the catastrophe. The setting sun on the back is a glimmer of hope within the dark scene. Just adds more drama and balances out the cover. Also makes it more beautiful. I’ve picked out compelling text but feel free to edit. Please scroll down for full cover view.

Please Note: Any imperfections will be corrected upon design approval. Colors will render according to individual computer monitor settings. Print and digital are two different mediums. Please order a hard copy from the printer to review for color/tone adjustments. For example, gloss covers tend to print darker than matte.

Cover Front/Back

Please take your time reviewing your cover. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge.)

Please let me know how close we are to your happy dance by replying to with your edits, comments and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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