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Good Town

by Mary Wells

Hi, Mary,
I always hit the airport book stores when I travel as they only stock the best sellers. I easily see your gorgeous book sitting there. Lots of eye candy and symbolism in the design choices. Obviously, the color of the masculine and power font compels you to look! The covers will attract the widest audience as it’s balanced in feminine/masculine. Please scroll down for more design analysis and the entire cover.

Design Analysis

What we are going for here is the muted-vintage color palette with pop in just the right places. It’s like an old photo someone tried to colorize. We can color her dress any color but it’s a symbol of what she will lose. The dress is not cliché but makes you wonder why she’s wearing it. The cover is dynamic with her running. The dog and soldier make you want to read more. I could make the blue more vibrant if you like. The sky is mottled, bruised, injured. Please scroll down for the enlarged cover in full.

Please Note: Any imperfections will be corrected upon design approval. Colors will render according to individual computer monitor settings. Print and digital are two different mediums. Please order a hard copy from the printer to review for color/tone adjustments. For example, gloss covers tend to print darker than matte.

Cover Front/Back

Cover in full. Please take your time reviewing your cover. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge.)

Please let me know how close we are to your happy dance by replying to with your edits, comments and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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