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The Struggle for Equal Justice

The Story of David Walker and America’s Leaders in the Pursuit of Equal Justice for All
by Myrna E. Heath

Hi, Myrna,
I’m very excited to show you a beautiful book that would stand out on any Barnes & Noble table–packed with powerful history that is also a work of art! The imagery is filled with meaning. An old stone/wood New England building symbolizes the roughness of our history. I’ve given it three equal panels of color variation to symbolize our work toward equality. (Getting permission to use the Dept. of Justice logo is complicated. I don’t recommend using it.) Please scroll down for entire cover image.

Design Analysis

Just plain beautiful. Balanced in masculine and feminine, wait until you see the entire cover below! Font selection echoes the struggle.  Pop of just the right colors will make your book stand out. Please scroll down for complete cover design.

Please Note: Any imperfections will be corrected upon design approval. Colors will render according to individual computer monitor settings. Print and digital are two different mediums. Please order a hard copy from the printer to review for color/tone adjustments. For example, gloss covers tend to print darker than matte.

Cover Front/Back

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